Halo - An exotic leap forward in American pool table design

  • 3 ½ X 7’
  • 4 X 8’
  • 4 ½ X 9’


The Halo (shown in Brushed Metal base with composite Ostrich leather rails)

The Golden West Halo is an exotic step forward from the design of the Golden West Rainbow.  The sleek tapered rainbow legs give the Halo its futuristic effect.  The curvature and design of the rails eliminate the blind aprons found on today’s average pool tables. The rail ensemble can be covered in a variety of Valtekz composite leathers.  Your choice of many different colors and textures. 
Create your own work of art.

The design of the Golden West Halo was conceived and built exclusively by Golden West engineers.  The Halo is NOT mass produced overseas and is built for you one at a time in Portland Oregon.  Please call for quotes and delivery times.

AMERICAN built and PROUD of it!

The Hallo is featured  in different materials and leathers

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3 ½ X 7’

4 X 8’

4 ½ X 9’

Offered in Pool, Billiard, and Snooker Tables


In today’s world of manufacturing competition, the customer needs to be aware of the difference between a manufacturer and an importer.

Without a doubt the Creme de la Creme of pool tables


The Halo is featured in different woods and materials. Call for quotes


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When our customers come in and visit our factory, in Portland, they are always given a factory tour. We are very proud of our manufacturing process, our employees, and our tables. Our factory tour gives our customers a first-hand look at the quality of our products.

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