Rail Options


    Our rails are available in many custom woods, finishes, and stains. Our oil and wax finish
    guarantees that with minimum care you can maintain the rails to a fine furniture look.We can hand
    inlay mother of pearl and abalone diamond sights, coins, trinkets, and other materials into the rail
    cap to personalize your billiard table. 

    We use the finest hardwoods available to create a stunning top for
    your table. The following materials have been used to augment a table's beauty.

    • Cherry Wood
    • Ebony
    • Figured Walnut
    • Fishtail Oak
    • Lacewood
    • Quarter Sawn Oak
    • Rosewood
    • Wenge
    • Zebrawood

    Again, we can build your rails from most any hardwood you desire.
    Further, Golden West is a pioneer in the development of the 2 piece rail assembly
    using 8/4 quality hardwood and a sub rail with a hardwood rail cap,
    which is connected to the slate with a 3/8 four prong 1/2 inch barrel tee nut.
    This has become a standard in the industry, except the competition
    will not spend the money needed. They would rather use a 5/16 aluminum 3 prong tee nut
    and bolt into the wood rather than making the correct connection.


    For a brochure or more information please fill out our contact form, e-mail us at
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