Entry Level

    Golden West entry level pool tables are constructed using 1 ½” Oak
    or Maple plywood on the frames.
    All other components are the same as our premium pool tables
    Golden West Premium level pool tables (excluding entry level tables)
    are built using 1 ½” thick solid hardwood frames. 
    We choose Not to use Ash or Morante (imported woods)
    due to the poor finishing qualities of the wood.


    America's Largest Manufacturer of Designer Billiard Equipment
    American Made Quality Construction

    Buyer Beware of Imported Pool Tables:

    When a table is produced overseas, the biggest concern of a foreign
    manufacturer is how small of a box the product can be shipped in.
    The primary goal for the foreign manufacturer is to ship as many items
    in the container as possible, to be cost effective.
    This is the main reason why all imported tables have so many parts,
    small bases and why the table needs so many extra stretchers
    to hold the frame together.
    The salesperson for the import table will lead you to believe that these
    stretchers are for slate support, on the contrary, these stretchers
    are actually holding the table together with small screws!
    The only way to then assemble the corners is to use small screws
    and bed frame hardware.
    Take a look at how much hardware is at the end of each stretcher!

    Golden West builds a table for a lifetime of enjoyment.
    We have the strongest table construction in the billiard industry.
    Golden West uses only kiln-dried hardwoods through the
    National American Lumber Association with United States
    ecology in mind. The lumber generally used in import tables
    has not dried properly and has been strip cut from forests
    with little regard for future forest ecology and other
    global environmental concerns.

    Golden West pool tables are finished in America's most popular
    finish colors and use only ecology approved techniques and
    finishing products. Import tables use color-finishing chemicals
    that are outlawed in the United States.
    These chemicals are domestically illegal because of ecological
    problems, air pollution, ozone depletion and human health issues.
    These products are manufactured in factory sweatshops
    with substandard health conditions. 
    These tables are then boxed and shipped in a dark, musty,
    stagnant-air container where your table then sits for few months
    while it is being shipped overseas.
    This is the perfect environment for molds and toxins to form
    in the untreated woods used to produce the table parts.
    The Dept. of Agriculture and other import clearing companies
    do their best to ensure the container is free of insects and pests,
    but this is no guarantee. 
    Your table is then delivered to your home, usually in the same packaging
    as it was shipped in the container. After a time consuming installation,
    the table is then played on by you, your family and friends........think about it.

    Golden West Billiard Manufacturing is exactly what our name implies.
    We do all of our laminating, wood-turning and wood carving in house.
    This is why you should take the time to truly look at the finished product
    and compare it to the competition. Don't settle for a poorly constructed
    inferior wood table, which will have less than quality finishing properties.
    Other manufacturers frequently have to tint or paint to give you a wood
    LIKE finish, or even use extra support stretchers that do nothing.
    Other manufacturers use legs that are a "cookie cutter",
    poor attempt to look like furniture quality.
    A pool table is a long term investment.
    Choose one that is manufactured in America!
    Don't be deceived by the "Made in America" claim -
    most manufacturers bring in their tables from overseas.

    Choose a table that is MANUFACTURED in America,
    that you can be proud of for generations.

    We start with the finest kiln-dried hardwoods and create unsurpassed
    quality products, one at a time, just for you.