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Our American made billiard tables are constructed with woods harvested from renewable resources. Unlike many imports we use only ecologically sound techniques and finishing products. We start with the finest kiln-dried hardwoods and create unsurpassed quality products, one at a time, just for you.

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The Keystone:

Keystone is a rustic pool table with a Northwest feel

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Montana :

Ideal for rustic and rural settings, the Montana lends itself to log homes, cabins, vacation homes, lodges, as well as any game or family room.

Pool Table, Golden West, Pool , Montana, Table, Game Room, Natural wood, Cabin Table
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The Golden West Halo is an exotic step forward from the design of the Golden West Rainbow. The sleek tapered rainbow legs give the Halo its futuristic effect. The curvature and design of the rails eliminate the blind aprons found on today’s average pool tables.

uilt, Brushed Metal , Ostrich Leather Rails, Halo, Golden West, Sleek, Rainbow Legs
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Reverse Rainbow:

The Golden West “Reverse Rainbow” is a new concept in design and fashion.

, Golden West, Reverse Rainbow, Professional Pool Table, Arc, Beautiful, Tournament Specifications
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GW Mission :

A Golden West favorite over the last 40 years, the Mission represents a turn of the century classical artisan artifact.

GW Mission, Golden West, Pool Table, Pool
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The craftsman design, of this Arts and Crafts pool table, is magnificently reproduced by Golden West artisans to match the superior furniture made from the turn of the century.

Game Room, Pool Table, Billiards, Pool , The Heartland, 3 Piece Top
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The original “Monarch” is the most recognized and the most famous of all of the antique pool tables on the market today.

victorian, legendary, exotic , custom, pooltable
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Julianne :

First manufactured in the late 1800’s, the “Jewel” is unparalleled and unrivaled in style and grace.

Julianne, Legendary, Antique, Hand Made, Golden West, Style, Jewel
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GW Novelty :

An Oriental design with Asian influence, the GW Novelty is truly a work of functional art. Huge and massive legs adorn the arched slanted frame. One of several styles from the V collection.

velty, Maple, Golden West, Billiard, Pool, Novelty, Arched Slanted Frame, V Collection
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Sunset :

The Sunset is an excellent example of a traditional Northwest design. Compliment your game room with style and grace. Elegant Queen Anne legs highlight the arched frame and become part of this unique styled curved body.

ble, Sunset , Gw, Natural Maple Finish, Elegant , Custom, Queen Anne Legs, Curved Body, Maple
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Brandon (Tapered Leg):

A turn of the century classic design that will enhance and complement the decor of your brand new game room. Simplicity in style adds to the all around success of this traditional highly popular table from a past era.

brandon, tapered leg , masterpiece
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Designed to accent the Victorian era, the Trevorton’s arched tapered frame and tapered fluted legs, will add the finishing touch to your custom game room.

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The exquisite appearance of this Golden West pool table lends itself to a variety of unique interiors. Destined to become the party room favorite and a place where the family gathers.

Chocolate Cherry Finish, Drawer, Golden West
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The “Emperor” is the crowning achievement in the diverse line of Golden West American custom built pool tables.

Billiard, Pool Table, Pool , Golden West, Cherry Finish , Emperor, Custom, Unique, Finest, handcrafted legs, Handcrafterd body handcrated aprons, Imperial Cherry finish, The Emperor
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GW Kling :

The Golden West “Kling” is the finest replica that was first made in the early 1900’s.

GW Kling, Pool Table, snooker table, antique
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Custom "S" Reverse Rainbow:

The Golden West “Custom "S" Reverse Rainbow” is a new concept in design and fashion. Golden West engineers have created both a stable and functional professional pool table. The Custom "S" is the ultimate upgrade to our regular Reverse Rainbow pool table.

Reverse Rainbow, Custom Pool Table, Modern Series
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Parson :

The Goden West parsons table exemplifies a new age in geometric design, The flush legs are equal in size to the frame of the table.

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Brandon (Ball and Claw):

A turn of the century classic design that will enhance and complement the decor of your brand new game room.

Brandon, Pooltable, ball and claw , masterpiece
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Popular :

A reproduction from the late 1800’s when American manufacturing was at its zenith.

Popular, pool table, workmanship, Maple Inlays, Natural , wood, table
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GW Le Mieux:

The Le Mieux's flexibility, and French flavor, makes this Golden West pool table a favorite of designers throughout the world. Truly a masterpiece for the most discriminating buyer, Customize your table with 2 additional center legs.

Pool Table, Billiards, Specialty ,GW  Le Mieux, masterpiece
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The Marque in an original Golden West designed pool table incorporating a stepped and arch frame.

Pool Table, Billiards, Marquee, Ram Horn Legs, Snooker , Wood, Materpiece, Golden West,
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Bella Le Fleur:

From the Vineyards and Chateaus of France, to the French Riviera' the intricate and detailed carving found on the Bella Le Fleur will amaze and impress the most demanding connoisseur of prestigious pool tables.

Pool Table, Billiards, Specialty , Bella Le Fleur, Golden West, Maple , Poway Sand , Custom finish
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Mardi Gras:

French influence is clear in the design of the Mardi Gras pool table. The contour cantilevered frame is highlighted with massive rams horn legs.

table, Billiards, Mardi Gras , Chocolate Cherry , Golden West, Distinguish, Game Room
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Vision Rainbow :

Straight forward in design and function, the Golden West Vision is an excellent value and is an affordable modern pool table.

Pool table, Billiards, Golden West, Furniture, Natural Maple, Hardwood, Snooker Table
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The Westport’s innovative modern design is functional for a pool/dining table combination.

Pool table, Billiards, reverse, concealed pockets, Sophisticated , Billiard Room, Snooker Table, Golden West, Westport, Space Aged Look
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Bridgeport :

The Golden West “Bridgeport” is a combination of Old World craftsmanship combined with modern materials and techniques.

Bridgeport, Polish Chrome, Golden West, Modern
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GW Caswell:

The Gothic era comes alive with this Romanesque styled renaissance pool table. Hand carved columns, with a slightly carved frame, gives this pool table its masculine lines.

Billiards, Chocolate Cherry, Gw Caswell,  V Collection , Renaissance, Hand Carved
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Architecturally designed and inspired from antique furniture found in old haciendas and ranches of the southwest. With detailed carved frame, aprons, and trim, the Calabasas is suited for both the formal and informal game rooms.

Pool table, Billiards, Sowthwest, Antique Furniture, Haciendas, Calabassas, Architectural, Furniture
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Union League:

The Golden West reputation for creating the best antique reproductions in the world is solidified with the replica of the Union League.

Pool table, Billiards, The Union League, Oak, Golden West,  Craftmanship, Favorite
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Innsbrook :

The Innsbrook pool table, with tapered and arched frame, is a beautiful example of the Victoria era.

Pool Table, Billiard, Vitoria Era, Innsbrook, Table, Western Maple, Ball and Claw, Arched Frame
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The Maddox is a traditional style pool table with standard legs. Value and the flexibility, of two different leg styles, has led to the success of this classic popular design from the turn of the century.

The Maddox, Golden West, Billiards, Pool Table, Classic, Furniture, Table, Pool
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The Cellar is the newest addition to the Golden West pool table collection.

ily , Game Room, Cherry Finish, Maple, The Cellar, Golden West, Detail
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King David:

The King David (shown in Oak with Light English Oak Finish) (shown with 6 legs…also available with 4 legs)

Golden West, Billiards, Table, Game Room , King David, 6 Legs
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King Leo:

Make the King Leo the trophy of your game room! Intricately fully carved lion legs, hard carved lion plaques, and elaborate detailed side skirts makes the Golden West King Leo the Choice of Champions

Pool table, Billiards, The King Leo , English Oak, Game Room, Table, Pool, Legendary
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St. Regis:

The St. Regis multi contoured frame is augmented by Georgian styled hand carved aprons, plaques, and rope moldings.

St. Regis, Pool Table , Billiard, Legendary , Hand Carved, Golden West
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Heston :

The Heston features a double arched frame with hand turned round legs.

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Long a standard in the line of Golden West pool tables, The Vintage offers custom round turned fluted legs with matching custom turned side decorations.

Vintage, Pool Table, Golden West , Billiard, Pool Room, Red Oak, Natural , Finish
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Bahama :

A great table that looks spectacular with tournament playability. Maple Bamboo accents this truly unique pool table. A bamboo laminated rail, with palm tree sights, gives this Golden West table its distinctive character. Laser palm trees are engraved into the legs of this island masterpiece.

Pool table, Billiards, Koa Finish , Golden West, Bamboo laminated Rail, Laser Palm tress, South Pacific, The Bahama, Hawaiian Game room
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A traditional tapered frame, with fluted colonial legs, gives the “Bellingham” it’s clean distinctive look.

Pool Table, Golden West, The Billingham, Colonial legs, Distintive Look, English Oak , Table, Furniture
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The Golden West “Sellwood” offers a clean straight and simply current design.

Pool Table, Billiard, Sellwood, Pool, Maple Finish, Game Room, Golden West, modesrnistic
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Cavanaugh :

Featured on the Drew Carey show, the Golden West Cavanaugh epitomizes the heart of the Renaissance era and the height of French nobility.

Pool Table, Billiard, Cavanaugh , Drew Carey Show, Renaissance era, French nobility, Table , Pool , Golden West, Furniture, Snooker Table, Red Oak
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Coronado :

Designed for Commercial or Residential rooms, the Coronado’s simple straight lines will complement either contemporary or antique décor settings. A

Custom, Pool Table, Billiard, The Coronado Cherry Finish, antique , Pool
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Delmar :

The Delmar was inspired by the old haciendas and ranches of early California.

Hacienda Inspired, Pool Table, Billiards, Game Room, Pool , Delmar
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Delta Queen with St. Regis Legs:

For those who prefer the Ball and Claw leg, this custom Golden West pool table has become a favorite of designers who are looking for a showpiece to become the focal point of their recreation room.

Delta Queen, Custom, Billiard , Pool Table, Ball and Claw, Golden West, Pool
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Delta Queen :

The legend of Southern hospitality and riverboats will live forever in this excellent example of grace and old world charm.

Delta queen, Pool table, English Oak Finish, Southern Hospitality, Golden West
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Finally a pool table that is Doctor recommended for the relief of Chronic back pain.

Billiards, Pool Table, Pool, Table, Hampton, Chestnut Finish, Maple , dining to confrence table, Tall Table
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GW Versailles:

The Versailles has a traditional but unique design with a light and elegant touch.

Versailles, Golden West, Pool Table, Billiards, Game Room
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St. Thomas:

The California mission design is part of the St Thomas heritage.

Pool Table, Billiards, Golden West, Made in America
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Highlander (Round Leg):

The Highlander's traditional English design makes this Golden West table a favorite for both pool and snooker aficionados.

Golden West, Pool Table, Pool , The Highlander, Round leg, Maple, Stylish Square Legs
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Highlander (Square Leg):

Both pool and snooker enthusiast will appreciate the appearance of this massive and heavy commercial style pocket billiard table.

Pool Table, Pool, Custom Table, Billiards,  Golden West , Oak Finish, Round legs
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Bring the Outdoors Indoors. Inspired by the beautiful Northwest, the Timberline’s majestic arched frame is constructed of solid 1.5 inch Northern Pine.

Timberline, Pool Table, Pool , Billiards, Arched Frame, Nothern Pine, Hand TurnedLegs, Mountain Bains , Vacation Homes, Golden West
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Simple straight lines with subdued leg trimmings gives this Golden West pool table its look from a bygone era. The hidden drawer provides room for cues, balls, and all of your billiard accessories.

The Nouveau, Pool Table, Pool , Billiards, Game
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Vision Step Base:

The “Vision step base” is a testament to both strength and design. The Vision’s stepped 3 tier base construction provides the largest footprint to weight ratio of any table on the market today.

Golden West, Vision Step Base, Available in Various Woods
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Morrison :

Unique and massive reversed trestle legs support and conform to the over all appearance of the traditional clean and pure simple design.

 table, Billiards, The Morrison, Matt Black Finish, Golden West, Furniture
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Reflection :

The Golden West Reflection pool table is built for the look of Tomorrow…..Today. The indiscriminate buyer will be amazed at the workmanship, style, and quality of this truly American designed Golden West ultimate pool table.

Reflection, Golden West , Game Room , Pool
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The Sanibel’s extra thick frame is mandatory for the in-depth relief shell carving found on the center and sides of this handsome and treasured pool table.

Golden West, Pool Table, Billiards, Pool, Game Room, Sanibel, Florida Coast, Carved Sea Shells, Beautiful, Detailed
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Traditional renaissance design and superior craftsmanship are found in this custom built Golden West American pool table. The rebirth and renewal of this, time honored, ornately hand carved heirloom will be found in only the finest homes of the world.

Billiards, Pool Tables, Golden West, Tuscan, Maple , Renaissance Design, American Pool Table, Craftmanship
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This Golden West classic features beautifully crafted hand carved legs with an elegant arched frame.

l table, Billiards, Table, Game Room , Golden West, The Nicholas, Elegant, Arched
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Conventional tapered frame, with square legs, is typical of pool tables found in early American homes.

Pool Table, Table, Pool , The Virginia, Golden West, Square Legs, American
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The Kling Game Table:

The Kling game table is styled after the Kling pool table. Complement your family game room with the addition of this truly custom matching game table.

Game Table, Golden West, The Kling Game Table, Additional Table Cover
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The Jewel Game Table:

Inspired by the Jewel pool table manufactured in the 1880’s. No attention to detail has been overlooked. The center column has all of the characteristics of the original Jewel leg. The top of the game table in inlaid with a walnut sunburst.

The Jewel Game Table, Golden West, Walnut
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Antique Style Game Table:

48" or 54" Antique Style Game Table with ball and claw legs 2 way game table with poker on one side and dining on the other.

Ball & Claw Legs, 2 Way Table, Golden West, Antique Style, Place Holders
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Biltmore Game Table:

Want the latest in Game Table Function? The Golden West Biltmore game table is what you are looking for. The 48 inch round top starts as a dining table. With one easy flip the dining top turns into a poker table and you are ready to seat up to 6 people comfortably.

Golden West, Biltmore Game Table, Game, Table, Entire Table 32 Pounds
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The GW Card Table:

The Golden West Card Table, 42 x 42 square, Perfect for bridge and card games.

Game table, Billiards, Game Room, Golden West, Table Felt