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The Game of Shuffleboard

Thu, Dec 10th, 2015

This short article will teach you how to play on a shuffle boards and also give you some tips to improve your game.

The Rules of Shuffle Board:

  • A coin toss determine first turn

  • You can play two player or four player

  • You play to 15 points

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • When shooting your weight be sure you use smooth controlled motions, in shuffleboard a little goes a long way.

  • Try to develop using two hands, this will give you a better understand of the game.

  • Frequently Practice!

The Objective of the Game:

Two Player: The winner of the toss gets first turn. Your goal is to slide your weight down the opposite end of the board while trying to stop near any of the score lines without falling off the table.

Your opponent has to keep the same thing in mind but, if they see a clear shot to knock your weight of the table they should take it since this reduces your points and vice versa.

You both keep shooting your weights until all 8 weights have been played, you tally up your points and switch sides until one of you reaches 15 points. Any weight in the middle of the table between the one point lines get 1 point, behind the 2 point line, 2 points and behind the 3 point line, 3 points.

Four Players is much like two players except you select teams of two and take turns shooting the weights down the table.