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Golden West History

Tue, Feb 8th, 2011


Golden West Billiards, an American company, was founded in 1964 by CEO Donald Brostoski.

Don’s father owned a pool room in Santa Ana California and Don grew up loving pool.  In the afternoon, after grammar school, Don’s job in the pool room was to brush and clean all of the pool
tables.  When finished he would pick up a pool cue and hit balls around the table.  Plenty of good players taught Don how to play pool and he became very proficient at playing  the game.

Don joined the Air Force, at the age of 18, during the Vietnam era.  Life in the military taught Don
the value and meaning of responsibility and completing tasks in a thorough and prompt manner.

After serving in the United States Air Force for over 4 years Don left to pursue his dream of
starting and owning his own American business.

Don and his wife Susan opened a small billiard supply company in North Hollywood, California. His training from the US military was invaluable in his dedication to succeed in the American dream
of building a business while adhering to your principals .

Don’s idea was to build the best playing slate pool table in the marketplace.  Using all American products was very important in his plans.  The tops of the pool tables would all be the same. 
The price difference would be in the furniture style of the table and not in the playability of the table. This philosophy is still adhered to today.  All Golden West pool tables have the exact same playing surface.  The slate, cushions, cloth, and pockets are exactly the same.  The only difference in the tables is in the furniture aspect.  Styling was very important to Don and his plans for building a more attractive pool table that would complement a customers home décor.  Pool tables were very commercial looking and Don’s vision was to reproduce pool tables built at the turn of the century.  Using old world techniques with modern technology Don’s dream has become a reality.

Unique antique and contemporary designs have become the trademark of Golden West Billiards over the past 42 years.

Unlike other so called American pool table manufacturers, Golden West does not purchase parts from overseas.  Foreign pool table manufacturers dominate the marketplace today.  Cheaply made products may look decent but become throw away models very quickly.  Pool tables made with
inferior woods and finishes are commonplace in the marketplace today.  Formaldehyde is a primary ingredient used in the finish of imported pool tables and has been found to be very harmful to your health. Golden West believes in quality over quantity and strives to be environmentally responsible.

Over the years Golden West moved to several different locations in Southern California.  Each move was into a larger facility with more equipment.  More employees were added and production soared.   In 1993 Golden West moved to Portland OregonOregon was selected for several different reasons.  American northwest hardwoods were grown locally, readily available,  and the business climate was much more favorable for American businesses to succeed.  This move
turned out to be a deciding factor in the success and growth of the Golden West Billiards
overall business plan.

Golden West presently ships pool tables to dealers through out the United States and Canada.
Golden West dealers can also be found in many countries around the world.  The exportation
of pool tables worldwide has increased at a rapid growth and continues to be an integral part
of the business.

Don’s children have been primed to continue the tradition of manufacturing American pool tables.
Rob is the plant manager and vice president of the company. 
Laura runs the office and the wholesale dealer network. 
Denise gives moral support and insight from her home in Texas.
The 5 grand-kids can often be found doing odd jobs around the plant and office when not in school.

With the whole family involved, Golden West Billiards will remain the leader in producing quality American built pool tables in the United States, without sacrificing their principals and integrity,
for years to come.

“AMERICAN built and PROUD of it” will continue to be a motto that has merit and means
everything to Don, his family, and all of the employees at Golden West Billiards.

Buy AMERICAN and support your local economy.